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Maintaining social and business contacts with colleagues
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Last update: 28-Sep-2019

COMARA is an association open to former COMSAT employees and surviving spouses. COMSAT was one of the most extraordinary and unique venture of the space age. COMSAT as we knew it has disappeared with pieces scattered in a variety of directions or dissolved. One purpose of COMARA is maintaining social contact with colleagues, by maintaining a web site and other communication channels.

First Wednesday in December 2019 - Dec 4, 1:30pm

A group of Labs employees started the First Wednesday in December gathering a number of years ago. The gathering was held at Roys Place in Gaithersburg.

Woodside Deli After COMARA was formed, and Lockheed Martin had purchased COMSAT, the gatherings continued. Unfortunately, Roys Place, a unique bar that offered an amazing selection of exotic sandwiches, has closed. Ron Johnson has been organizing gatherings for several years now, and found Woodside Deli (in the Germantown Commons shopping center) to be a suitable venue. The Woodside Deli is described as An Authentic Jewish deli and restaurant. They also offer an extensive selection of food.

Ron has completed arrangements to hold the First Wednesday in December 2019 at the Woodside Deli. So, join us December 4 at 1:30 for an afternoon of comaraderie and reminiscing. See the announcement at First Wednesday in December 2019 - Dec 4 for information.

Pictures from COMARA Social, Sunday, Sep 22, Thats Amore

2019 COMARA Social
September 22, 2019
12:00 to 3:00PM
Thats Amore (Rockville)

The 2019 COMARA Social was held Sunday afternoon, September 22 at the That's Amore in Rockville.

See photos at 2019 COMARA Social Photos

Pictures from 2019 IRAA/COMARA Picnic

The picnic was hosted by IRAA Social Committee at Seneca Creek State Park in Gaithersburg. See pictures at: 2019 IRAA/COMARA Picnic Photos.