Many Members Are Back

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Late in 2017 Geza Serenyi, the COMARA Treasurer posed the question: "Where Have All the Members Gone". He noted that the number of members helping financially support COMARA by donating dues payments had dropped to a low of 66 for the year in November 2017. That meant that only 10% of our registered members were helping support our organization.

Geza prepared a notice that was sent to all members who have registered an email address, and a notice was placed on our home page. Your response has exceeded all of our expectations. We now have twice as many members helping support the organization. Thanks to each of you who have donated to us. Geza and Peter Jacxsens have been sending thank you emails in response to the donations.

If you would like to join our supporting members, we have set dues at $15 for a year, or $30 for two years. There are two ways to donate to COMARA. One is to send a check to:
PO Box 34594
Bethesda, MD 20827

The other way us to use our PayPal feature. The PayPal link can be found at the bottom of our home page, or use our
Secure PayPal link

Where has the Webmaster Gone?

Actually, he's been around, but has been moving to an independent living community - Homewood in Frederick. The movers arrived the last week in December, pushed their belongings into boxes that were poorly labelled and then dumped in the new apartment. His wife, Elsie, had a total shoulder replacement surgery a week later.

Ron is back on the job now. The Webmaster has just completed the update of the COMARA data base so that dues payments for the current year are accurately reflected on the online data base. If you have any questions, please send an email to the treasurer [].

We have some interesting changes planned. So, thanks for your support to COMARA, and your patience during the past six weeks.

This email was sent to registered COMARA members. If you do not want to receive future emails, send an email to and your name will be removed from future email distributions.