Upcoming COMARA Events Reminders

It's been a busy month for COMARA. We have had to deal with a website that has develop some problems following a server update by our web hosting company. While there is still some work to do, I think that the most important features are now working. The website needs to support the election for three Directors for the 2017 Class of the Board. We needed to let you know of the upcoming Social and give you the information to get your reservation. There was a joint IRAA/COMARA Golf outing today.

Election for the Board of Directors

Three Directors are elected this year to serve a three year term.
The Directors nominated for 2017 are
Denis Curtin,
Dan DiFonzo,
Bob Kinzie.
Members can vote for these Directors at: 2017 Ballot.

You will need to sign in before submitting your votes. Sign in requires that you enter your last name and the PIN we assigned you when you joined. If you have signed in before using the same computer, there's a good chance the computer will remember your PIN. If you need it there is a link on the sign in form to request that your PIN be sent to the email address you registered with COMARA. You may vote fot up to three Directors.

Hopefully this will be an easy process for you. Twenty-eight members had returned their votes as of this morning. If you have a problem, contact webmaster@comara.org. The voting ends Friday, September 22.

Social - Sun, Sep 24, Joe Pelton's House

We have a good turnout already registered for the Social and Annual Meeting to be held at Joe Pelton's house in Arlington. If you plan to attend, we need your reservation in the next few days. The cost for the event is $25 per person. (If you haven't paid 2017 dues, please consider adding $15 for the dues.) There are three ways to get your reservation.

  • Mail a check to COMARA
    PO Box 34594
    Bethesda, MD 20827
  • Use the COMARA PayPal feature on the web before September 22. You can use your PayPal account or any credit card. A number of reservations have already been received from members who plan to attend.
  • Use the simple form at http://comara.org/social/social_rsvp.htm to let us know you are coming. That will assure we have time to include you in ordering food and drink. Of course, if you use the RSVP form, your payment is expected, even if you are unable to attend.

Full details along with driving directions are available in 2017 COMSAT Alumni Social.

A word about the COMARA Website Problems

Most essential functions of the website seem to be working. If you still experience a problem, I suggest that the next time you try to access a page on the COMARA website, try refreshing any page you see. Web browsers often capture the contents of a page that is displayed. If they saved the copy of a page with a problem, try to reload the page. How you do this is dependent on your browser. Usually there is a part of a circle with an arrow on one end in the area where the web page address is displayed. A tool-tip with the small circle is something similar to "Reload this page".

Some browsers display an icon that looks a bit like a gear. Clicking the gear, or right-clicking the icon causes a drop-down menu be displayed. If you find "Reload this page", then click that one.

How did the problem start? Apparently our hosting company installed a software update recently, which caused problems with pages that have been working for over 15 years. One has to expect these things to happen. We have been lucky it didn't happen earlier. One problem is that the connection string for the database on the website changed recently. This caused three previous versions to stop working. A new connection string is now required. So, we know how to fix the problem; it's just going to take some time. We'll keep you informed on the home page, and future newsletters.

This email was sent to registered COMARA members. If you do not want to receive future emails, send an email to webmaster@comara.org and your name will be removed from future email distributions.