Sep 24 Social, Website status, and more

  • COMARA Social and Annual Meeting - Sep 24
  • Website Status
  • Election for Board of Directors
  • IRAA/COMARA Golf Outing Sep 19

Note from the Webmaster: I am still working to restore the full functions of the COMARA website. Code that has been working for 15 years recently stopped working. I suspect that this was due to a likely update of server software. To be honest, I'm not surprised that it doesn't happen more often. It's an essential part of operating a website these days. It happened at a bad time for me - and for COMARA. I've had some other things going on in my life that also needed attention. Thanks for being patient.

COMARA Social and Annual Meeting - Sep 24

Joe Pelton Residence The social is hosted this year by Joe Pelton. We had to find a new venue this year after the Golden Bull Grand Cafe closed it's business.

The most urgent need at this point is for you to let us know you are coming. We would like your check or PayPal payment within the week. But we are flexible, and can accept your check at the door, if we know you are coming. So, there are three options to make your reservation. The cost is $25 per person.

  • Mail a check to COMARA
    PO Box 34594
    Bethesda, MD 20827
  • Use the COMARA PayPal feature on the web before September 22. You can use your PayPal account or any credit card. A number of reservations have already been received from members who plan to attend.
  • Use the simple form at to let us know you are coming. That will assure we have time to include you in ordering food and drink. Of course, if you use the RSVP form, your payment is expected.

Website Status

Many parts of the web site are functioning normally. Only a few lines of code have had to be changed to restore the function. Unfortunately for the webmaster, the main page for administration of the website is still crippled.

The first repair was the sign in function. This now works for most pages. You may need to refresh the page on some pages. The email newsletter function continued to work.

Let the know of any problems you are having. There are a few requests that have been received and will be answered as soon as the main page for administration is working.

Election for Board of Directors

Three Directors are elected once a year for a three year term. The nominees for this year are:
Denis Curtin,
Dan DiFonzo,
Bob Kinzie.

This is one of the features that has been a problem to restore. Several members have now reported they were able to register their votes. Go to 2017 Director Election before Sep 22, 2017

IRAA/COMARA Golf Outing Sep 19

IRAA has invited COMARA members to participate in a Golf Outing on Sep 19 at MC Falls Road Golf Course. Payment is due to IRAA by Sep 15. See 2nd Annual IRAA/COMARA & Intelsat Golf Outing for details.

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