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Unable to Send Email to These Members Updated 23-Aug-2010

Most of COMARA communications is done by email. The email service specification requires that an undeliverable email be returned to the sending address. In the past we were able to determine which emails were bad by examining the returned emails. Our current web hosting service decided to stop returning most bounced emails sometime during 2013. As a result, we no longer know if the email addresses in our database are valid. We will be taking some action to recover from this, but it will take some time and may involve moving our domain [] to a new web hosting company.

It is your responsibility to be sure we have your email address. You can provide two email addresses. In some cases, this may be a work email and a home email. In other cases you may give us your primary email and a secondary one in case the primary address isn't receiving email. We find that there are often three reasons people change email addressses.

If you are not receiving COMARA email, here's what you can do.
Be sure we have two valid email addresses for you. You can verify the email addresses in your profile by clicking the "Edit My Profile" button on the home page (after you sign in). You can also send your email address to to

In some cases, the email address in our database may be valid, but the mail provider refuses to deliver email from COMARA due to a faulty spam control. This can usually be resolved, but we need to know. We send email to two addresses: the primary email and an alternate email.

Since we currently do not have a way to know if emails are being delivered to any email box, the list of members without email is suspended for now. After we can change our service to send emails reliably, we will update the list and publish it here.