The Rise and Fall of Comsat: Technology, Business, and Government in Satellite Communications [Hardcover]

by David Whelan

Greetings All:

My book, The Rise and Fall of COMSAT, was just published by Palgrave-Macmillan. The price is outrageous: $115. It is available on Amazon for $98. The promo code below only works on the website-still $80.50. They seem to be targeting a "captive" market: research libraries.

I think I get a few dollars for each copy-which I would gladly donate to COMARA. Although there is an exception for "discounted sales." The "Origins" book netted me just about $1000 for about 4000 hours of work. Don't you love academia? Could I get hired as an engineer at my advanced age?

I will see some of you at AIAA Space 2014 in San Diego
Best to all

David J. Whalen, PhD
Associate Professor
Space Studies, UND

Amazon Page for Whelen's book:

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Discount Code.
Palgrave set up a discount promo code (30%) that COMARA members can use. Use the promo code PMCOMARA2014 when they check out on Just FYI, it won't be activated until next week.